1. How To Get Quotation

After browse our website, if you are interested in some of our products, you can send inquiry here or write to us email: lichao@leadtechsd.com 

or whatsapp us : 0086-13256137063 

When you send inquiry, please kindly send your company and contact information. So, we can recommend appropriate products to you. We are also looking for serious and professional partners. So, we can provide more professional services.
2. Payment 

  T/T in advance (Telegraphic Transfer) for the following:

  Deposit 30%, then T/T rest before shipment

3. Warranty

 We provide limited  1 Year warranty. Please kindly refer to our term here.

4. How To Place Order

a. Select product or tell us your detailed processing requirements
b. Send us an online enquiry or by email with details like FOB,CFR etc
c. We quote the price 
d. You confirm and send a Purchase order
e. We send you proforma invoice with shipping cost.
f. Confirmed the PI and Done the Payment,
g. After received the payment bank slip then we arrange production and shipping accordingly.
h. Delivery.

5. How To Protect Exclusive Rights Of Our Partners

Our goal is establishing long term relations with our customers, so we try our best to keep exclusive rights of long term our partners. Please kind refer our terms 


a. For small machine like JMS50,we could use DHL ,like Client in USA,Greece,Uk,Spain etc
b. For big type machine, sea cargo is the best choice. You can also assign the forwarder to make the transportation.

c.we could do shipping clearance for clients in Nigeria,Ghana,Australia,Malaysia,Singapore Etc