30years electric stone mill

we are the No1 biggest manual stone mill & electric stone mill over 40 years in China, since when my grandfather begin to produce and sell stone mill in 1976 yeras in at home

below is one 30 years stone mill from our factory,clients in my hometown use this electric stone mill for 30 years to produce sesame paste,sesame oil,it is still working well until now,

we will show you the shop when you visit us.

pls check the electric stone mill and simple roaste :

sample of sesame oil and sesame paste ,packaged in glass bottle.

to produce sesame oil and sesame paste


1)choose good quality  sesame seeds,there are different kinds of sesame seeds in different country.some are high oil content,some are less

take a example,in Israel,clients use raw high oil content sesame seed to produce raw tahini 


2) roasting peeled white color sesame seed into yellow color and dark color 

yellow color sesame seed will produce into sesame paste with stone mill 

dark color sesame seed will produce into sesame oil with stone mill 

3)more informations,pls contact us: lichao@leadtechsd.com 


We understake big overseas turnkey project on wheat flour,sesame oil ,sesame paste etc